: Welcome to Volume 4: Health's Borders

Welcome to Volume 4 of Health Tomorrow: Interdisciplinarity and Internationality (HTII), an open-access peer-review journal generously sponsored by the York University Graduate Student Association and the Faculties of Health and Environmental Studies at York University in Toronto.

The fourth volume of HTII gathers research addressing how various forms of borders in health are brought into being, structured, legitimated, shifted, contested, and crossed, as well as their complex and sometimes conflicting implications.

We are pleased to share four articles which approach the theme of borders from innovative and interdisciplinary perspectives, tackling issues as wide-ranging as migrant labour and pregnancy, and arts-informed expressions of trauma. This selection is unified by a shared commitment to social justice, and each piece speaks to its author’s attention to current political work, from the People of Colour HIV/AIDS movement based in Canada, to feminist critiques of health care in Argentina, and resistance to biomedicalisation by Indigenous Andean migrant worker communities in Bolivia.  

Featured authors include Dr Ciann Wilson (Wilfrid Laurier University), Dr Sabrina Yañez (Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Human, Social and Environmental Sciences, Argentina), Dr Karolina Kuberska (Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Birmingham), and Lauren Spring (Doctoral Candidate, University of Toronto).

To access this volume and learn more about HTII, visit http://ht.journals.yorku.ca


 HTII recognizes the importance of open dialogue across disciplines and social contexts and challenges researchers thinking about health to situate their work within an intersectional framework of social justice. We encourage prospective authors to contact us to discuss contributing to our subsequent volume at htii@yorku.ca.

Our Editorial Team includes:

Natalie Spagnuolo, Zhipeng Gao, Olivia Schuman, Anamika Baijnath